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Here's what you get...

Unlimited Digital Gift Cards

No more paying $1.00 - $3.50 for plastic gift cards.  

You now have your very own personally branded Gift Cards!

Gift Cards are fast and simple purchase. (Apple Pay and G-Pay enabled)

Meaning that you now have the fastest Gift Card Purchase on the planet.

Unlimited Promos

People love "free things" and since using Trade 'Em allows your business to write off 100% of the promotional value for the items you're giving away... it's a win win!

Since our app gives people the power to use, gift, or trade their items, your promo has a higher probability of getting into the hands of "ideal" customers! (people who actually want your stuff)

Be creative with your give aways and harness the power of free to drive traffic to your store location!

Creativity is key! 

Unlimited Loyalty Cards

Time to throw away those junkie pieces of paper and start saving some trees!

Our app lets you have your personally branded loyalty cards. 

These cards won't get lost or thrown away!

The only limit is your imagination!

"Buy five and cut the line next time." Yes please!

For any questions regarding our pricing plans or to inquire about a free membership, don't hesitate to contact us!

Trade ‘Em Merchants

Merchant Portal

We have the transactional analytics you've been dreaming about!

four things that make the merchant portal absolute fire!

01. Our Merchant Portal gives you the ability to take payments... from anywhere. 

02. It keeps track of your clients purchases, gifts, trades and loyalty puches.

03. The Merchant Portal gives you the unique ability to track your ROI in real time!

04. The Merchant Portal is the first system in history that can track purchasing power from advertisement to point of sale.

How to Join?

Call or email to qualify.

We must ensure that you're a great fit for us! (and visa versa)

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